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By Thom Stoddert, 2/17th Cav, 1970

Dear Thom,
  I am a veteran receiving disability benefits for prostate cancer. I was a helicopter pilot. It is my understanding that they have denied benefits for “watchful waiting” and I will have to file an appeal. I had a C&P evaluation in October 2014 and received a letter continuing my 100% with a review in April 2015. I was told by the evaluator that  the VA does not consider “watchful waiting” as treatment.

  Has the VA changed their position regarding "watchful waiting”?

  Does the VA award the 100% as long as you continue  "watchful waiting?”

  Does the VA consider “watchful waiting” as therapy?

Thanks for your help


Dear Sir. thank you for writing into the Veterans’ Voice newspaper.

  The VA generally grants compensation for cancers during treatment at 100%. It recognizes that most people receiving cancer treatment are not economically viable and/or socially active during treatment and for a period of time afterwards. So, the VA continues to pay at 100% for the duration of the treatment and for set period of recuperation.

  Generally, the period of recuperation is one year after the actual treatments stop. This may be what you are calling “watchful waiting.” Any time longer than one year (the most common period of time recognized for most cancers) must have evidence showing continued presence of disease and/or treatment.

  This period of time of continued benefits after treatments stop is for several reasons. It allows the VA and the patient time to respond to the direction the disease takes. In the case of testicular cancer, it is most often done with limited chemo-radiation or surgery within a year or two, as compared to larger cancers such as liver or blood where treatments may encompass years.

  I have never heard of the term “watchful waiting” and I suppose the VA has not either, nor do they give it any credence past the normal treatment and recovery/recuperation periods. Evidence in the form of medical records is needed to provide benefits beyond the normal time-period.

  The best way to understand VA thinking is that cancer and its post-treatment periods are just temporary benefits, they rarely result in permanent compensation unless there is evidence of residual disability.  I hope this all helps.


Thom Stoddert, former VA Rating Specialist
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