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By Thom Stoddert, 2/17th Cav, 1970

  Bill Milford (not his real name but I’ll explain that later) was recently invited to a special veteran’s celebration in the Northwest. This was a reunion of former South Vietnamese military officers now living in this country. Each member had lived in one of the concentration camps set up in the South by the North Vietnamese communist regime at the end of the war. Each had survived and is now living in this country.

  In 1975, when the capital of South Vietnam fell to the communist North who had the support of Russia and China, former soldiers of the Saigon government were rounded up and sent into the countryside to be re-educated into proper politically correct thinking citizens for their new government. For years they endured days of slave labor and writing essays about the virtues of communism. As an alternative they were forced to write self denunciating papers of their failure to achieve good communist thinking and attitude. Foremost, the prisoners never knew if that day was to be their last. They had watched others killed for one reason or another. The guards could at will execute someone who had evoked their displeasure.

  That night Bill immediately noticed that the members of this veterans’ organization were laughing long and out loud. After awhile, Bill was asked if he understood why there was so much laughter. Then the interpreter explained that each man had awoken each morning in a re-education camp, never knowing if they would see their family again, or even if he would be alive at the end of the day. Every day was slave labor and politically correct writing. Their dreams of a family, prosperity, and happiness were gone. The guards who could abuse, torture, or even kill for the pleasure of the state, or  their own, were free to come and go as they desired. Many Vietnamese have this story.

  However, circumstances changed, eventually each man was able to escape and come to this country. Now they have families, prosperity much greater than dreamed, and happiness with both American and Vietnamese friends. They got the American Dream, but their former guards are living in impoverished retirement. The communists do not treat their former soldiers very well; they no longer serve the interests of the state.

Bill shared this with me and the fact that his wife is Vietnamese, they must be careful at times - she still has family in Vietnam. He told me this story because he understood what the former South Vietnamese soldiers understood and appreciated. The guards, though loyal to political correctness and their government– it had failed them. Freedom is not gained by the appropriate thinking, but through respect for all, not just a special group. This is what Bill and I fought for in Vietnam, though too young to appreciate it then. Bill’s story will be on StoryCorp, American Story, PBS, after April 28.
Thom Stoddert, former VA Rating Specialist
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