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Rodger Flygare,

You have claimed to be a combat veteran with two tours in Vietnam, recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, and affiliation with a General's Association (military veteran flag officers?). This has all been deceptive, thus all who are associated with you retain a portion of culpability as you are now running for election for State Representative.

You allowed yourself to be incorrectly introduced at the Vietnamese Memorial Day of Sorrow banquet and did nothing to ethically correct this issue. When asked about this, you answered; I cannot be responsible for what they misinterpret. The following is a quote during this banquet you posted on your web site.

"I had the great honor to address the valiant Vietnam Freedom Fighters who stood shoulder to shoulder with the US Military in our attempts to bring democracy
<> and freedom to Vietnam.

Flygare, if you were in Vietnam at least cognitively, you would have known that we were there to assist the South Vietnamese in maintaining what they already built themselves. This is a gross insult to the Vietnamese. Remember I sat directly under the podium while you spoke and across the table from you.

When on September 20th, by telephone you stated very clearly three times that you could not produce any documentation to allow you to wear the Purple Heart Medal in public. You were asked for any copy of your military discharge form (DD-214), the orders, and/or the citation. You clearly indicated several times that they were all lost at your father's place in California. Several days after we spoke, several bogs were posted that record  you produced a copy of your discharge papers. Can I also have these papers to verify authenticity with military records experts.  I am also asking you publically why it took you at least three emails, to you and your
staff, and phone messages before you finally contacted me. That should have been the end of the issue and a nice story of a Vietnam veteran could have been written for a national paper.

When it was pointed out to you there is no such thing as a combat personnel clerk typist; you gave two answers. The first reply you provided was, "It's just terminology." Then you stated twice that you never managed your own personnel records. This was also after I pointed out the Purple Heart was recorded with the same typewriter used at your duty station in Germany as they were the same type-set. As a senior personnel clerk you most certainly would have handled your military records, not to mention carrying them
between duty stations. Finally it was a well known fact among soldiers in Vietnam that clerks did go home with undeserved awards.

Information provided to me during this writing project picture you in your shop with other soldiers and that your nickname was "Get-Over-Again", a slang term for someone who abuses the military system for their own benefit or to cover up laziness. My question is, are you still in touch with "Steed the Work Horse" and "the Nub"?

When the issue of how you got the Purple Heart was discussed. You blurbed something to the effect that "they think it was mortar... would you like to see my elbow?" Nobody ever forgets the details of how they were wounded in combat. However other information given to me does not support the story you gave another journalist of being wounded while on guard duty.

You changed the information on your web site at least once after I
confronted you on the details that you did not have two combat tours. Your claim to be a decorated combat veteran falls short when you can not provide those routine details that ethical veterans have, you change stories often to adjust the details, and hide from any interviews till forced out. These issues are viewed on line at the following URLs and can be compared to the watered-down posting on you present web site.

You are not worthy to be in a public office-you fail the ethics test. I
also have copies of the deceptive replies from "a moderate democrat" gave to his party for their support.

Copies of this email is also being sent to various newspapers, TV stations, and Senator Murray's office. You have honorable military service just as it is. You did not need to exaggerate glories off the back of other veterans to make yourself more electable. There are laws concerning "stolen valor" and using a false military history to gain from it.

Thom Stoddert

(SFC. US Army, ret.)

Staff writer: The Veterans' Voice

Thom Stoddert, former VA Rating Specialist
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